Let's Do It

Empower your students to accomplish tangible results by taking action.

How It Works?


Create Bootcamp

What's something your students are struggling to achieve? Launch a website, podcast or Youtube channel? Create an app or write a book? With Mench you can help them make it happen once and for all.


Invite Students

Set a launch date and announce your Bootcamp. Make it open to anyone or create an application page to make sure participants meet a specific criteria. You set the rules and the cost. We take care of the technology.


Lead To Success

Ready, set, go! Set weekly milestones, completion awards, and automated reminders to motivate participants to cross the finish line. Use our analytics to monitor their progress and identify who needs help the most.

Why Mench?


Expand Your Reach

People love challenges, especially when their friends join. You know what that means right? more participants, more reach, more business for you. Bootcamps are one of the most effective lead generation solutions available.


Make a Real Impact

Take your students on a journey of gaining tangible results that would transform their life. We'll give you the technology, knowledge and support you'd need to help your students accomplish the Bootcamp outcome once and for all.


Grow Your Business

A Bootcamp allows you to add a lucrative source of income. People are willing to pay a premium for content that helps them gain in-demand skills. At Mench you'll be able to command higher prices than for information-only products.

Who Is It For?

Online Instructors

Upgrade your online courses into Bootcamps to empower your students to gain valuable skills by taking action. Earn ~50x or more per student by bundling personalized support with your content to dramatically increase student engagement.

Coding Bootcamps

Expand your top funnel and find qualified students by running affordable online Bootcamps. Increase conversion rates by giving students a taste of your service for a fraction of the cost while enabling students to join from anywhere in the world.


Work with us to productize your expertise into an online Bootcamp that helps students gain your skills by taking action. Connect with others around the world interested in your knowledge, build a source of recurring revenue and transform lives.

What Do Students Say?

I can't believe how much I've gotten done in your Bootcamp. I thought for sure I'd run out of steam after 4 or 6 weeks, but you've actually created an environment that's giving me more and more energy every week you put forward a new challenge. Amazing. So much gratitude to you.

Donna Barker

There are SO many things I've wanted to do for SO long that had me scared and overwhelmed. had no idea where to begin. Your weekly assignments; your reminders, and your OH SO incredible emails chock-full of help I'm just so very grateful! This 12-week Bootcamp got me started on something that's been in my "to do" plan for at least 5 years now. SO BIG THANK YOU! Looking forward to doing more of your Bootcamps!

Carolyn Martyn

It seems silly but I've bought $2000+ courses on the same topic and I haven't done anything useful with them yet. Those online courses that I'm in are FILLED with modules and videos and it seems like such a daunting task to start. I think the simple style of your Bootcamp is what's bringing me into action.

Tina Huynh