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Action Plan contains 21 key ideas that will help you Become a Mench Miner.
Action Plan estimates 3 minutes to Become a Mench Miner.

Action Plan:

In order to become an effective contributor, you first must understand the core improvement Mench is aiming to bring to the world
  • We Will Understand Mench's Mission & Vision
  • We Will Learn more about Mench's founding story
  • We Will Understand Mench's core technology: goals trees
  • We Will Understand Mench's 3 core objects
  • We Will Understand Mench's business model
  • We Will Understand Mench coins & payout system
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  • We Will Browse currently indexed intents
  • We Will Understand mining principles
  • We Will Understand how the Matrix works
  • We Will Add new source using the Add Source Wizard
  • We Will Mine all intents from selected source
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