Assess your overall coding skills

I will rate each of your programming skills in one of the following categories:

🥇 Superstar
🥈 Expert
🥉 Intermediate
👶 Beginner
I will also share with you what % of Mench users fall under each category.
My goal is to help you land your dream job by understanding your strengths and better positioning yourself in the job market.
I estimate it would take you between 19 - 853 steps (depending on your answers to my questions) in 0 - 3.9 hours to Assess your overall coding skills.
Watch this 2m video clip:
Now let's evaluate your practical software engineering experience...
  • By practical coding experience we mean the number of *continuous years * that you actively worked on programming projects.
  • What is your computer related educational background?
  • full-time employment experience
  • paid contract work experience
  • volunteer/open-source experience
Our assessment is divided into 3 sections; front-end, back-end, and dev-ops. Complete at least 3 assessments in total. ONLY pick the languages you feel most 👊confident 👊 with and SKIP all the rest.
Based on your score you'll be ranked within one of these 4 categories: Beginner 👶, Intermediate 🥉 , Expert 🥈or, Superstar 🥇
⚠️It's OK to take breaks but please try to complete this assessment within 24 hours.
  • front-end experience
  • back-end experience
  • dev-ops experience
Action Plan references 18 Expert Assessments by 3 industry experts including Pluralsight, Code Conquest & TutorialsPoint
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