Create Your 2D Game Hero from Zero!

In this online bootcamp you will gain both the practical and theoretical knowledge, that you will be able to create any character for your games! I will guide you trough the process, than we create your game character together!

Check out the Action PLan below, to see what exactly I will teach you in class!

Finally! I don't have to settle for "programmer's graphics." Very awesome explanations that make it simple and easy to make great looking vector art.
-Alex Bylund
I like the advice that the instructor offers as a digital designer and all the time saving tips. I learned enough to start making a few things right away. It will take quite a bit of practice to get good, but I have all the tools I need from this class to keep practicing.
-Ariel D. Santana
I am not game developer neither a graphic designer I develop only websites but clients ask me several times to create a character for their brand, and this course helped me a lot to achieve this requirement. In these times we can't be closed to learn from another area.
-Jonatan Yair
Istvan's method of teaching is simple, engaging and allows you to learn at a perfect pace. I am a game programmer and had absolutely no art experience before taking this class. That has completely changed now! I wont say I'm an expert at creating game assets now, but after taking this class and following along with it, I can, and have already created a bunch of my OWN game assets! Thank you Istvan!!!
-Rashad Mohammed

Skills You Will Gain

  1. Learn my 5 step character design formula!
  2. Develop your character design process to be faster and deeper!
  3. Design a unique and truly engaging game character for your game!
  4. Learn the basics and get comfortable with ANY character design task!

Target Audience

  1. Developers working on their own 2D games
  2. Designers who want to work in game design
  3. Anyone wanting to create more engaging and unique characters!


  1. Commitment to invest ~15 Hours in 2 weeks (Average 8 Hours per week)
  2. A computer with Inkscape installed
  3. Pencil and paper for sketching and notes
  4. Your own game project in need of a character! (not mandatory, but helps a lot!)
  5. At least an hour of dedicated time every day !

Action Plan

Week 1: DEFINE your character!

Week 2: DESIGN your character!

1-on-1 Support

1-on-1 Mentorship

You will receive a total of 1 Hour of 1-on-1 mentorship (2x30 Minutes Sessions) during the 2 weeks of this bootcamp.

Chat Response Time

This bootcamp offers live chat with response times of Under 12 Hours to all your inquiries. You can ask unlimited questions from the instructor team.


Istvan Szep Budapest

I'm a graphic designer, illustrator and design teacher for more than 10 years. I create clever logos and cute illustrations, I like to inspire, share my knowledge and make people think and laugh! I am constantly sharing knowledge about design and life as a freelancer. I teach online since 2014 and work together with some of my friends now, to create better courses together by sharing my online teaching experience

Fluent in English, Hungarian



  • Admission Ends Sun 4 Mar 11:59pm PST (Ends in )
  • Class Starts Mon 5 Mar 9am PST
  • Class Duration is 2 Weeks
  • Class Ends Mon 19 Mar 9am PST

Completion Awards

  1. A branded T-Shirt
  2. Free access to my Inkscape character design course

Awarded for completing all milestones by the end time of Mon 19 Mar 9am PST.

Refund Policy

This bootcamp offers a Moderate refund policy:

  • Full Refund: None After Admission
  • Pro-Rated Refund: Before 9 Mar 9am PST

You will always receive a full refund if your admission application was not approved by the instructor. Learn more about our Refund Policies.


One-time payment of $229 USD (Includes Mench Guarantee) so Istvan can provide you with everything you need to Create Your 2D Game Hero from Zero! in 2 weeks.

Ready to unleash your full potential?

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1-on-1 Support

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Tuition Guarantee

We'll bet that completing the Bootcamp's milestones will get you the results you've signed up for. If you did the work and did not accomplish the bootcamp outcome we'll give you a full refund with our Tuition Guarantee.